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CERIA Brewing Company premieres Tastemakers, an original video series profiling some of Colorado’s most creative pioneers speaking about what inspires them, their creative process, their achievements and insight into their craft and culture.

  • Hosea Rosenberg, Bravo TV's Top Chef winner and owner of Blackberry and Santo Restaurants
  • Ru Johnson, hip hop executive producer, creator of the Test Kitchen and founder of Roux Black
  • Lance Talon, acclaimed tattoo artist and founder of Bolder Ink
  • Ulyana Horodyskyj, mountaineer, scientist and founder of Science in the Wild
  • Keith Villa, legendary brewmaster, creator of Blue Moon and co founder of CERIA Brewing Company

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Ulyana Horodyskyj

tattoo artist

Lance Talon


Keith Villa

Hip Hop Executive Producer

Ru Johnson


Hosea Rosenberg


Tastemakers Series Trailer