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Brewing Cannabis Beer

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Our Story

Our love for brewing great beer doesn’t stop at what’s been done before. Beer has always had an essential role in our culture at the center of celebrations, connections and even relaxation. Now, with the opening of markets and minds to the amazing experience of cannabis, we are marrying beautifully crafted beers with the magic of cannabis, proudly bringing into the mainstream an experience both happily familiar and entirely extraordinary.

Our Commitment

At CERIA we are committed to quality in everything we do. That’s why we set sky-high standards for our ingredients, our process and for the experience we deliver. We brew only the highest quality beers – always flavorful, always smooth and drinkable – and infuse them with a micro-dose of only the highest quality cannabis. For a reliable experience that lets you enjoy at your own pace, socially and responsibly.

As part of our commitment to a quality experience we request that you consume responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. It’s not safe, it’s not legal, and it’s definitely not worth it.

We’d love to hear about your quality experiences with CERIA. Hit us back with your thoughts and stories at 8musk.png


Our Brewing Process

We craft our beers using traditional, proven brewing techniques and high-quality malts, hops and spices for optimal flavor. Once we’ve arrived at the perfect liquid, we take the alcohol out and add the cannabis extract in, carefully metering to get an exact amount of THC in every beer and taking samples constantly to ensure the CERIA you are enjoying is an incredible tasting beer delivering an extraordinary experience every time.

Latest News

06.12.2019 | CERIA Brewing

CERIA Makes Colorado Beer History



New Cannabis Beer Rolls Out Mid-December to Colorado Dispensaries

ARVADA, Colo. (June 12, 2019) – When former Blue Moon Brewing Company brewmaster Keith Villa, Ph.D., retired from Coors after 32 years, he dreamed of making Colorado beer history with the state's first THC-infused craft beer. After a year in development, CERIA Brewing Company's CERIA (rhymes with "area") dealcoholized cannabis beer, a Belgian-style White Ale called Grainwave, sold out within its first four hours. It has since become available in 132 dispensaries statewide, with plans to expand to Nevada and California later this year.
Now Villa's cannabis brew has become a part of the permanent collection of the History Colorado Center, the Denver home of the state history museum. The museum is conducting a contemporary collecting initiative to document and preserve items related to Colorado's historic 2012 decision to legalize the private consumption of marijuana.             
Through August 2020 the museum is also featuring Beer Here! Brewing the New West, a comprehensive exhibition tracking Colorado's cultural and economic changes through the evolution of its beer industry. 
Recently, Villa, along with his wife, co-founder and CEO Jodi Villa, presented a four-pack of First Release Grainwave to James S. Peterson, Assistant Curator for Artifacts. The presentation included collateral material and imprinted premium items containing the brand's distinctive logo showing a modern interpretation of Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest, upon whose head sits a cannabis-leaf and hops crown.
Keith Villa remarked, "History Colorado Center's collecting initiative affirms what I've been thinking since leaving Coors in January 2018 - we really are making history with Grainwave."
As James Peterson donned white archivist gloves to accept the First Release Grainwave four-pack, he said, "This donation could help us tell a more inclusive, contemporary story about Colorado's $3 billion craft brewing industry - as well as its trailblazing cannabis industry. The CERIA four-pack has the potential to be a great addition to our collection."  
Later in the year, Dr. Villa will participate in the museum's oral history project focusing on Colorado business leaders.
CERIA's Grainwave is brewed as a beer with blood orange peel and coriander, then dealcoholized and infused with a microdosed 5 mg. of fast acting THC that leaves no cannabis flavor. Sixty-four calorie CERIA is currently available in limited edition 10 oz. (296 ml) aluminum bottles and four-pack cartons. A 10 mg. THC IPA, a 2.5 mg. THC American Light Lager, and other versions are also in the works.
THC is the key psychoactive ingredient from cannabis plants that affects how one feels by creating the unique sensation - the "high" - associated with marijuana.
CERIA, Inc., a Delaware C corporation, dba CERIA Brewing Company, is headquartered in Arvada, Colorado. For more information:, @ceriabrewing #ceriabrewing 


Media contact:
Jeff Blumenfeld
CERIA Brewing Co.
Arvada, Colorado
203 326 1200

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