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Mix Pack

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Can’t decide on one beer style? Try both! You can order a 12-pack mix pack or a 24-pack mix pack. Both beers:

  • Are craft beers at 0.0% ABV. 
  • Have half the calories of full-strength beers.
  • Are vegan-friendly, plant-based hydrators.
  • Are pasteurized for prolonged refreshment.


12-pack includes: one 6-pack of Grainwave + one 6-pack of Indiewave

24-pack includes: two 6-packs of Grainwave + two 6-packs of Indiewave

Choose to auto-ship 12-packs and 24-packs to save 10%!


Grainwave Belgian-Style White

Refreshing and alcohol-free, Grainwave is a Belgian-style white ale brewed with blood orange peel and coriander. Its delicate sweetness is rounded out by the hints of tartness from the citrus.

Indiewave IPA

A crisp alcohol-free IPA that perfectly balances caramel malts with West Coast hops for a smooth, citrus character. Indiewave is dry hopped to deliver a mighty hop aroma that is followed by an approachable bitterness.

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