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Why Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Why Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer?

7 Reasons to Drink NA Beer

Why in the world would anyone drink a non-alcoholic (NA) beer? Following are some of the reasons we’d love to share. Let’s start with answering the obvious question: no, you don’t need to be sober to enjoy the great taste (and associated advantages) of NA beverages! Even swapping a couple of full-strength beers with NA beers throughout an evening can contribute to the benefits listed below.

  1. Low cal: Non-alcoholic beer typically has about half the calories of full-strength beer. 1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories, so it makes sense that when the alcohol is absent, calories decrease. Now you can savor more food with less guilt from alcohol calories. For example, many IPAs contain more than 200 calories per 12 ounce serving, while NA IPAs can have less than 100 calories.
  2. No hangover: Speaks for itself! But in case you need the reminder… as you get older, hangovers get rough. Once you spend a night out then feel great the next morning, you’ll be encouraged to continue chasing those positive feelings. In other words, productive mornings are back! Or just feel-good mornings.
  3. NA beer can help your body recover: First off, beer with alcohol is a diuretic, which makes it dehydrating. So, beer without alcohol doesn’t have that same issue and because it still contains the vitamins, minerals, and plant-derived compounds found in beer (such as polyphenols and terpenes), NA beer has even been used as an effective post-workout recovery beverage. This is because the phenols may lead to reduced inflammation and potentially reduce the risk of illness (because extreme physical activity can compromise the body’s immune activity). If you’re still not convinced, you can read about the German Olympians have used NA beer to recover after their exercises.
  4. Emotional regulation and self-esteem: Going out and having a great time without the crutch of alcohol can actually be exhilarating. Yeah, really. Many people think that they needalcohol to let loose, have better conversation, and overall be more fun. Sometimes, however, that leads to getting sloppy and saying things that are out of line. When you realize that you can still have fun without the booze, you can change the way you feel about yourself in social situations, and that alone is a great thing. After all, everyone could do with a raise to their self-esteem.
  5. Better skin: Besides the dehydrating nature of alcohol (see point #3 above), excessive drinking can lead to increased inflammation as well as decreased collagen levels. All of that combined can mean looser, saggy skin so when you curb drinking, you can steadily restore elasticity to the skin.
  6. It goes nicely with food: Yes, a pizza or even a steak can be paired up with a non-alcoholic beer that can complement flavors for a more satisfying experience. In fact, NA beer can even be enjoyed during a weekday lunch or during the work day without the fear of losing your mental edge. If drinking a beer whenever, wherever you want isn't freedom, what is?
  7. Doesn’t decrease brain size: Wait, what? Alcohol does that? Sad, but true... Recent studies have found that even moderate consumption of alcohol (which the CDC says is one drink per day for women and two for men) is associated with a reduction in brain volume. This is associated with a decline in memory and decision-making, among other brain functions. Of course, NA beer avoids that entirely.

You don’t have to have an obvious problem with alcohol to reevaluate your relationship with it. Whether you’re one of the 30% of Americans who don’t imbibe at all, or you’re just looking to enhance your life by decreasing your alcohol intake, now you know some of the benefits of mixing NA beers into your beverage arsenal! While the above advantages can be found in any NA beer, there are even more reasons to enjoy Ceria beers. Not every NA beer is made equally, and Ceria is committed to putting great taste, quality, and consistency above all else. See the list of Ceria benefits here.