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Insider: A beginner's guide to nonalcoholic beer

Insider: A beginner's guide to nonalcoholic beer

When we think of nonalcoholic beverages, sodas, juices, coffee, and water usually come to mind. Beer isn't typically in the mix, but that has changed with the launch of NA versions that fill a void for those who still want the flavor of a well-crafted brew, but none of the alcohol.

Low-alcohol beers are nothing new – from Medieval Europe's small beers and the non-alcoholic ales of the Prohibition era to O'Doul's, an alcohol-free malt drink popular in the 1980s and 90s, various options have popped up over the years. Many drinkers have sought out craft beer's high-quality ingredients and flavors without its alcoholic effects and continue to do so. 

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