Non-alcoholic drinks have been gaining steam in the past couple of years as people increasingly look for alternatives to their favorite boozy beverages. Some are looking to cut alcohol completely, while others simply want a way to embrace moderation without compromising on taste. Producers have taken note, and the market is swimming in options. And those who crave beer sans alcohol are some of the biggest winners.

In 2022 alone, non-alcoholic beer grew 20% in purchase value in the United States (though is still many multiples behind the total value of alcoholic beer). Brands from macro breweries like Anheuser-Busch InBev have made massive investments in the category, but it’s on the craft side that drinkers will find options that match up to the flavor expectations modern beer drinkers have. Traditional craft breweries and breweries that focus solely on non-alcoholic options are increasingly putting out beers in a wide variety of styles. Better yet, they have come a long way from the obligatory handful of O’Doul’s that used to sit in the back of the fridge. 

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